What is a Flashover?

The Spark begins with a “flashover” which kills Donny’s captain. A few people have asked for a more detailed description of what exactly a flashover is and how it happens. The simple definition is “the sudden involvement of a room or an area in flames from floor to ceiling”, but that doesn’t tell you much.

Fire Prevention Week – October 6 to 12

There’s probably nothing less sexy in the world of firefighting than Fire Prevention. Yet the truth is that those guys probably save more lives than those of us on the trucks ever will. The best fire protection is making sure it never starts in the first place.

Where There’s Smoke

One question people often ask is, “What’s it really like going into a fire?” It’s a question that has many complex answers. There are probably as many nuances in those answers as there are firefighters. One thing we’d probably all agree on is that it’s not like what you see on TV or in the movies.