The Spark


Everyone believes that the blaze which killed firefighter Donny Robertson’s Captain was just a terrible accident. Donny’s search for the truth will cost him his home, his relationship and his job. As the puzzle starts to come together, Donny discovers he’s out of his depth in a world of corporate intrigue and murder for hire. No longer the hunter, he becomes the target of a skilled and merciless contract killer. Donny’s only chance to save himself is to confront the person pulling the strings. It’s a desperate plan and it will cost him everything he has left.

Written by a veteran firefighter, The Spark gives the reader an insider’s view of a unique and demanding world: the merciless heat and blinding smoke inside a burning building; the camaraderie and conflict between men and women who place their lives in each other’s hands; the moments of grim hilarity, unexpected grace and heartbreaking tragedy that are a daily part of life in the fire service.

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